Life Coach Kande Hale

"I want to see you propel toward a life that you really enjoy"

Kande has trained and received her certified life coach certificate from “The Institute For Life Coach Training,” affiliated with ICF. She has worked with nonprofit organizations developing people and their plans to move forward for over 25 years.

If you are one of those people who are stuck in a rut or need some simplicity Kande is the coach for you. Kande will assist you to live life to your fullest while enjoying it on your way. As a coach she believes inside us all we have passion, creativity, knowledge and motivation we can tap into.

She will help you discover who you are and where you want to go by asking powerful questions that tap into your own intelligence. You will be surprised at how much you already have deep inside your own knowledge that can be released to help you move forward.

"I’ve watched too many people become stagnant and always talk more than do. That is why I want to see you propel toward a life that you really enjoy and feel great in. You can run your life and not let life run you.

As a coach I provide a safe place to assist you in moving forward. You can begin to have freedom and passion to be a shaker and a mover. You can be intentional in all you do. I believe in my clients and know they are capable of being empowered, spiritually minded and balanced.

Are you living in a comfort zone? Live the life you were meant to live. Live a life of balance and passion. Live with intent and freedom.

I have always had a dream to receive my certification as a counselor after our children were out of school. Being in the people developing business for over 25 years I have noticed many of you struggle by yourselves in business, and life. You are in healthy situations but stuck in a rut which may make counseling not for you.

Coaching is for people just like you that need someone to come along side you with out judgment but be there to encourage, inspire, and assist in stretching you by asking powerful questions. Coaching will tap into your sources of creativity and knowledge letting you become who you really need to be. With your agenda and will, coaching assists you to make those steps become reality."

Kande is also an Ambassador for IFCT (Institute for Life Coach Training) and also adheres to the International Coach Federation's strict code of ethics.