Getting the Most From Your Coaching Experience

A Brief walkthough to help you prepare and guide you though the coaching process.

Counselor Versus Coaching - What is the difference?

Understand the difference with this short description.

Things you could work on with your life coach

A brief outline

Things you could work on with your business coach

A brief outline


Welcome to Coaching as my client. I look forward to working together and seeing you excel. There are a few guidelines that I expect clients to maintain in order for our relationship to work. If you have any questions please call me.


  • Be ready for the calls: Prep form filled out emailed or faxed. Even on the days you feel frazzled make the call anyways, you will find it will be very valuable working with stress, saves a lot of time.
  • Enjoy it: Where else can you go to talk about you? I am trained to really listen to not only what is in your head, but in your heart. While issues may be serious there will be times of laughter and lightness. So enjoy it as much as possible.
  • Flexibility needed: Be flexible. Give yourself permission to be flexible. Since we talk about present and future, we may talk about some shifts or complete changes that need to be refocused on. I’m totally okay with that, and I hope you are too.
  • Be purposeful: It is important to apply yourself to coaching, if you want it to be successful. Your homework will be goal directed, and purposeful and creative. You will progress quicker if you apply yourself. Real growth happens with what you do in between the call.
  • Be Realistic: I do not have all the answers for you, but I will walk with you faithfully to help you fulfill your dreams, to make them happen. Are you ready to make this turning point in your life?

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Counselor vs Coaching

Simple….Counseling is from the past hurts feelings emotions.

Coaching works with future, goals, aspirations and dreams to make them a reality. Looks forward not backwards.

A Coach comes along side you and assists in redesigning your preferred life.

Coaching provides a support system that makes a difference between saying you’ll do something and actually doing it. Coaching helps you grow faster and accelerate growth and accomplish more at work and home. Coaching helps you ignite, stretch, design and inspire as well as motivate and advances your performance in life.

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Things you could work on with your life coach.

  • Work on your life. The Balance Wheel
  • Evaluate your whole life
  • Create a new vision
  • Design a life strategy
  • Improving your performance
  • Get out of a unproductive comfort zone
  • Create time for yourself
  • Recover something
  • Build up your friends
  • Build up your relationships
  • Build your confidence and self esteem
  • Establish and maintain new standards and boundaries.
  • Lower rebound time when breakdowns occur.
  • Do something you have always dreamed of doing.
  • Understand what’s limiting you in life and than improve on it dramatically

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Things you could work on with a business coach.

  • Evaluate your whole operations
  • Get out of an unproductive comfort zone
  • Create a whole new business
  • Create time for yourself
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Create a new vision
  • Work on a future business plan
  • Delegate more
  • Get ride of energy drainers that are draining you of your time, money and energy.
  • Learn to communicate more powerfully
  • Create a new plan
  • Upgrade your client base
  • Smooth out your process
  • Learning new skills to help your leadership
  • What it means to be career orientated.

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