The Following Messages Are From Real Clients

"Was being coached a good/positive experience for you?"

"TRULY excellent.  I consider myself blessed to have taken the risk and blessed to have reaped the rewards."

"What did you like about the coaching experience and what didn’t you like?"

"I appreciated the candor and sincerity to the conversations.  I very much liked the sense of “release” or “betterment” after our conversations.  Even if I wasn’t able to say I fulfilled my commitments, talking about why and how to proceed for the following week was the best remedy for the situation."

"Coaching is about being coached around you agenda.  Did you feel that I was sticking to what is was that your really wanted?  If not in your own words what would be some tips for me to avoid or do?"

"I do feel that the agenda was adhered to and that what I really wanted/needed to discuss what handled properly.  I have no comments on what you should avoid.  You did two things that separate between good (what would be normal) and great (what you are) are that you continued to ask the right questions and allow for times of silence."

"What would be your testimony for recommendation to someone you knew or didn’t know?"

"My time with Kande has been truly exceptional. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to connect with her on a professional level.  I highly recommend life coaching at least once in every person’s life, and the lucky ones will choose Kande."